After building this company from scratch, his only regret is that he now needs to put up with the rest of the team. He has recently been caught trying to work between interruptions, so the team is being grown to cut down on this.

Paul - Sales Director Paul - Sales Director
Paul - Sales Director


Sales Director

Undisputed holder of the ‘most chatty’ award for his specialist topics of software, and ‘the future’. Available in the office and on the course to discuss new business opportunities. He won’t admit that his putter is his favourite child.


Head of Delivery


Front-End Developer

Secretly keen to keep his right-hand man, Hussain, off the best beard top-spot. He turned his back on the childhood dream of becoming an ice cream man, and instead adds great looking metaphorical swirls and flakes atop the well-built ice cream cones of his fellow team mates.


Junior Apprentice Front-End Devleoper

While a strong contender for best beard, he doesn’t let its maintenance stand in the way of his battle for first place on Mario Kart or his fanatical football support. As a twin, no one is sure if he is the evil one…


Back-End Developer

Cut him, and he’d bleed brightly coloured energy drinks – yet somehow, he still gets to sleep at night. Apart from when he’s away shredding the slopes on his skis, Reading F.C. know not to start play without Rob at his place in the stands.


Senior Back-End Developer

Doesn’t let sleep or office open hours stand in the way of his work.

Augustinas (Gus)

Back-End Developer

Even Jean Claude Van Damme would be jealous of his focus and determination to prevail - in this case, in defeating his engineering challenges at work. Out of office - a self-confessed Game of Thrones aficionado with deadly Frisbee skills, he’s currently leading a Jazz and Rock music revival.


Back-End Developer

A quick internet search couldn't find anything to write in time for the deadline.


Back-End Developer

Although anonymous on this page, he certainly puts safety first on his commute and dons enough hi-vis for Lewis to mistake him for a bin man.

Back End Developer